Diet and hair loss – does it really make a difference?

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We all know that having a nutritious diet is important for keeping our bodies healthy, our internal organs working correctly and for managing our weight. However, most of us do not consider our hair when it comes to choosing the foods we eat. Having a balanced diet is important for looking after your hair, as […]

Nilofer Farjo - President of the ISHRS

Dr Nilofer Farjo appointed as the new President of the ISHRS at the hybrid 29th World Congress

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Last month, our very own Dr Nilofer Farjo was appointed as the new President (29th) of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) – the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration. The appointment took place at the ISHRS’s hybrid 29th World Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, which ran from Thursday 21st to Saturday […]