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The Science of Satin

I’m often approached by individuals requesting my endorsement of products and theories surrounding hair loss treatments. Several items, such as Rogaine and Nanogen, are sold on the Farjo e-commerce store and recommended to our patients on a daily basis.

Last week, I was approached by Shop Bedding, an American company which – as the name would suggest – sells a range of bedding and accessories.

He wanted me to look at a video featuring satin pillowcases which, he says, ‘are much more comfortable for balding men’.

The products featured in the commercial are certified by The American Cancer Association as being beneficial for chemotherapy patients on account of the material causing less irritation to the scalp.

While that may be the case, scientifically speaking, the use of satin bedding has no relation to the treatment of male pattern baldness. There’s no evidence to suggest it will reduce hair loss and these pillowcases certainly won’t encourage re-growth.

However, I can buy the claims of comfort and softness that satin bedding can bring and a good night’s sleep can do us all the world of good!

Why not check out Shop Bedding’s video and, if you so desire, use the voucher code TRYSATIN and try out your own silky pillowcase for free!

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