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Ramsay’s Hair Nightmare

We all know he’s no stranger to the spotlight, but recently it was his mane, not manner, that got Gordon Ramsay noticed. Stepping out in London, following Victoria Beckham’s 40th birthday celebrations, the world-renowned chef sported a strange adaptation of his usual short back and sides.

Appearing on the front page of the Daily Mirror and online with the Daily Mail, the photographs seem to suggest that Gordon has recently had a hair transplant. If the speculation is correct, and the world-famous chef has had surgery, then it looks like he opted for the follicular unit extraction (FUE).

During an FUE procedure, the hair at the back and sides of the head is shaved before individual follicles are removed and then re-implanted at the front of the head. This could explain why he’s pulled his fringe forward – to cover the recipient area where he has had work done.

One of the main benefits of FUE is that patients can usually disguise that they’ve had surgery, making it virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. Unfortunately, Gordon’s drastic haircut and over-the-top use of a camouflage product at what would be the donor site, make it quite obvious that he’s trying to hide something – and I suspect that something is a hair transplant.

This isn’t the first time that Gordon’s tresses have been a topic of conversation. In 2011, he was spotted leaving a hair transplant surgery in Beverley Hills with his head heavily bandaged. It wouldn’t surprise me if this had been the start of his treatment, nor would it if he had to have more surgery in the future, as male pattern baldness is a continual process. The hairline may continue to thin and, while any transplanted hair will be permanent, more procedures may be required to keep the hairline looking full, should he continue to recede.

My advice for Gordon would be, blend your own hair a little more subtly at the back, or maybe wear a hat for such a well-photographed occasion. This style makes you look rather silly!

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