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lasers band for hair

Look To Lasers To Transform Your Locks

As you’ll know from reading my blog, the choice of hair loss treatments is always increasing. Now, an American company has come up with a new offering which might prove to be a life-changer.

HairMax’s new LaserBand device is much like a hair band, designed to simply sit atop your scalp for 90 seconds each night. Using low-level light therapy, it claims to re-energise hair follicles to stimulate growth, reversing hair’s thinning process and restoring its natural growth cycle. Regular use can stimulate hair to grow fuller, denser and stronger. The difference from other HairMax devices is that it has 82 diodes or light sources, compared to the higher-end LaserComb that has 12. It can therefore cover a larger area of the scalp at any one time.

Low-level laser treatment is one of the many services on offer at Farjo and this latest product is something we’re keen to investigate further.

Proven to slow down or even stop hair loss, laser treatments can encourage thicker and stronger hair re-growth, but they’re not as well suited to those experiencing more severe hair loss.

At around £600, the HairMax device is a comparatively low-cost alternative to full hair transplant surgery, but users should be aware that it is very unlikely to provide the same results as a transplant. There are some good case studies, but until the device is used more widely and more research is carried out, we can’t be certain how well it performs on varying degrees of hair loss.

As with the other laser treatments Farjo offers, I think that it will be more beneficial to the majority of those experiencing hair loss as an additional treatment implemented alongside transplant surgery or medical therapy.

Nonetheless, it is encouraging to see such development in technology within our industry, which will increase our ability to treat a whole range of hair loss complications at varying levels. Watch this space!

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