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Tiger Woods’ ‘No Win Fight’ Against Baldness

Tiger Woods (picture from Telegraph news)
Tiger Woods

Another week, another celebrity hairline under the media spotlight. This time, it’s the turn of global golfing legend, Tiger Woods, who’s admitted he’s fighting a losing battle to keep his hair.

His receding hairline has been evident for a while now, but earlier this week he addressed it in a public interview for the first time.

“I’m comfortable with it, but my hairline isn’t,” Tiger said, after being asked by Fox Sports’ host Colleen Dominguez if he was comfortable with the ageing process. “I have a nice skylight [at home] and I’m at the point where if I don’t wear a hat, I can feel the heat.”

Like many men experiencing the start of hair loss, Tiger said he would hold off on shaving his head for as long as possible. “I think I will, but I’m fighting the cause and I’m fighting it hard,” he said, adding, “It’s a no-win fight, but I’m hanging in there.”

Looking at Tiger’s hairline, it would appear that he’s starting to see the onset of male pattern hair loss (MPHL). At 38 years old, Tiger’s hairline has begun to inch backwards from the temples and thin at the crown – a defined pattern of MPHL.

There are countless products on the market aimed at reducing hair loss and Tiger wouldn’t be the first famous sportsman to invest in keeping his hairline looking fuller.

However, the only way to permanently reverse hair loss is via a transplant and so, Mr Woods, please feel free to drop by my clinic any time.

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