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Dyeing to Be a Blonde

Last month, it was reported that songstress Lady Gaga’s peroxide blonde locks have started to fall out. Lady Gaga is renowned for her experimental hairstyles and colours, but it looks as though years of mistreatment have finally started to take their toll on the pop queen’s naturally brunette barnet.

It appears to me that Lady Gaga’s tortuous hairstyles and rigorously maintained blonde mane may have provoked a case of Traction Alopecia – a type of hair loss caused by excessive tension to the hair and over-applying chemicals, such as bleaches and dyes.

On the other hand, due to the hectic nature of her career, it’s also possible that emotional stress is the cause. If this is the case, then Lady Gaga’s hair should recover when her stress levels return to normal. However, without a close examination, it’s difficult for me to assert what the cause of the hair loss is. If indeed it is caused by Traction Alopecia, then a hair transplant would be a good solution for the pop star, if spontaneous recovery does not happen.

My advice to ladies who want to minimise damage from bleaching would be to ensure that your stylist doesn’t overlap bleach from hair growth onto areas that have already been lightened. I’d also recommend applying a deep conditioning treatment to your hair once in a while and regularly going for trims. Hair loss can be extremely distressing, so to help prevent it, treat your hair with care.

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