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Footballers, Follicles And Freebies

Footballers and their hair styles have always made headlines and sparked trends. From Bestie’s barnet to Beckham’s Brylcreem – men take note of what footballers are doing with their follicles!

Twitter provides the perfect platform for soccer stars to keep their fans informed of their every move. After Wayne Rooney took to Twitter to promote not only his hair transplant, but the clinic in which he’d had the procedure, other companies took note.

It was no great surprise then to see Michael Owen recently tweeting pictures of hair products he’d been sent and announcing how much he liked the range. How big a ‘fan’ Michael is of the range is open to interpretation – he went on to say that he’s happy to give brands a plug if they send him ‘free hair stuff’!

Wayne has certainly had a positive impact on men wanting to do something about their hair loss – he’s helped educate men that there are options out there and he’s clearly happy with the results.

Let’s hope Michael’s endorsement encourages more football fans to keep their tresses tamed too!

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