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The V.I.P. Treatment

I recently heard about a hair transplant company, which offers its clients a different kind of hair transplant ‘experience’.

The clinic in question capitalises on the often infamous demands of celebs by offering its customers a ‘high-end’, V.I.P. hair transplant experience that is tailored to each individual’s needs. Clients can enjoy first class flights, limousines and five-star accommodation, or even opt to have their treatment at home if it suits!

Now, whilst I respect that some patients want their treatments to remain as private as possible, alarm bells are ringing in my head with regards to this home visiting service. Home environments are not generally sterile or necessarily clean for that matter and, therefore, not suitable for operations as this can increase the risk of infection.

There are also many regulatory issues clinics have to comply with in the interests of the patient, that an environment like someone’s home is almost impossible to be adapted for. In the UK, and I suspect other countries as well, it is actually illegal to perform surgery in unlicensed premises.

While these surgical experiences may feel like a luxurious option that appeals to the individual’s needs, ultimately it increases the risks to the patient’s health. I would hope that the surgeon takes responsibility and exercises caution here. The health and safety of the patient is always the first and utmost priority.

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