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There Is No Need For Foul Talk

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the Manchester United vs Tottenham football game. There was a controversial Man United goal that led to some criticism of the referee, Mark Clattenburg.

During talkSPORT’s post-match radio phone-in show, Danny Kelly – the host and notable Tottenham fan – interrupted a caller to have a dig at Mark Clattenburg by mentioning his ‘hair weave’ in a derogatory manner.

I know banter is a huge part of football, but I do feel that Kelly has delivered a bit of a low blow with this comment – particularly coming from a man who’s thinning on top himself!

We’re no strangers to sport stars seeking a solution to hair loss – having had many of them visit us at Farjo.

According to media sources, Clattenburg admitted to having a hair replacement system after there was speculation about his thickening thatch last year. When talking about it, he commented: “It solved the problem and changed my life. Now it’s official – my hair loss is no longer a problem.”

Whether you agree or disagree with his decisions on the pitch, what’s his hair got to do with it?

Perhaps Mark’s increasing hairline touched a nerve…


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