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Wayne’s Hair Is Beginning To Wear Thin

Wayne Rooney has been in the headlines once again recently, not because of his terrific footwork, but because of his hair transplant. Rooney’s hair has been much debated in the tabloids since he announced it via Twitter earlier this year. Last week, one standout headline read: ‘Time to ask for a refund? Wayne Rooney’s hair appears to be thinning…just months after his £30,000 op’.

The headline probably helped to sell a few papers that day, but the story at its core is very misguided. The results of a hair transplant don’t happen overnight. It takes time for each hair to take root and establish themselves. The hair will go through various processes, with some patchiness and hair discoloration before the hair thickens and looks more natural.

At this early stage it’s far too soon to tell if Wayne’s transplant has been a success – though I see no reason why it shouldn’t be. Clearly, Wayne’s hair is going through the normal stages post hair transplant surgery, so I don’t think he should be applying for a refund just yet!

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