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Conference News: Drs Farjo Guests In India

In August 2012, both Drs Farjo were invited hair transplant guest faculty at the 4th Annual Congress of the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons – India. The meeting was held in Kolkata under the Presidency of Dr Manoj Khanna.

Every year the association committee selects a guest speaker to give the keynote presentation of the congress and is entitled the Golden Peacock Oration. This year Dr Bessam Farjo was very honoured to be asked to fulfil this role and he lectured on the future of hair loss therapies including cell-based and growth factor-based solutions. A large part of the talk was based on university led as well as private research and trials that Drs Farjo have been involved with throughout recent years.

Additionally both Drs Nilofer and Bessam Farjo gave a multitude of lectures on a variety of topics involving hair transplant surgery and medical hair restoration treatments.

Dr Bessam was also representing the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) in his role as official Ambassador to the region.



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