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cheap hair transplant abroad

Considering a Cheap Hair Transplant Abroad? Think Again

Read Faisal’s recent transplant abroad was a terrible experience and result in Turkey, in the press coverage below. He is seeking repair surgery from Farjo. We are seeing this sort of situation on a regular basis now, Faisal is just one patient who was willing to identify himself and speak out.

Our lead London hair transplant surgeon, Dr Greg Williams, President of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, warned that many countries have different regulations to the UK, with standards and safety procedures varying dramatically depending on where you travel to. He goes on to say: ‘Patients travelling overseas are often in the market for a cheap deal at clinics where guidelines aren’t as stringent as elsewhere,’. ‘This has led to us witnessing some horrific results of botched surgery, including poor hair growth, density and direction, wide strip scars, donor site depletion from graft over-harvesting and in the worst cases, skin loss from necrosis.

‘Cheap surgery abroad may seem like an attractive option but, while the general costs of providing surgery may be less in some countries than in the UK, this is often accompanied by less stringent regulations on facilities such as those by the Care Quality Commission.’


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