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Drs Farjo Invited Speakers at New Hair Group

On Thursday February 23rd, both Drs Nilofer Farjo and Bessam Farjo lectured by invitation at the British Association of Dermatologists on Fitzroy Square in London. The occasion was the launch of the British Hair and Nail Group (BHANG). They talked about hair transplant surgery state-of-the-art and its applications in a variety of hair loss situations in both men and women. Other lecturers included Dr Andrew Messenger, Dr David De Berker, Prof Val Randall, Prof Desmond Tobin, Dr Matthew Harries and Dr Andrew McDonagh

BHANG is the brainchild of Dr Paul Farrant, Consultant Dermatologist at Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust. It is mainly intended for the continued research, education and training of dermatologists (skin specialist doctors) of all levels as well other medical doctors with a specific interest in hair and nail disorders. The day’s scientific program was put together by Dr Iaisha Ali, Consultant Dermatologist at Hammersmith & Charing Cross Hospitals.

In May, Dr Bessam Farjo will again give a talk for the group, but this time in Brighton for trainee dermatologists.

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