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Drs Farjo Invited To Join Coalition

Following the UK visit of Pat Hennessy (Publisher, Hair Transplant Network) to the Farjo Hair Institute in June 2007 and the glowing report published about them, both Drs Farjo were invited to join The Coalition of Independant Hair Restoration Physicians. They are the only British hair transplant surgeons recommended and only two out of four from the whole of Europe.

Coalition Physicians – Integrity, Skill and Ultra Refined Results

Coalition members are carefully reviewed and granted membership based strictly on their high level of integrity, skill, experience and ability to perform ultra refined follicular unit transplantation.

Coalition Physicians perform Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting

While many surgeons now perform follicular unit grafting, only a minority have risen to the challenge of using very tiny incisions and grafts to achieve ultra refined results. Such ultra refined follicular unit grafting, while very demanding on the physician and staff, enables patients to achieve cosmetic density in one pass as well as rapid healing. The below Coalition members all perform Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation.​

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