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Faculty Roles at ISHRS Montreal Meeting

In addition to his duties as President, Dr Bessam Farjo was also one of the faculty at the meeting. First he directed a workshop on the subject of difficult cases and their management, and second he lectured on trans-gender hair transplants presenting a review and analysis of all such cases performed at Farjo (see some transgender example cases).

Dr Nilofer Farjo was the lead author of a poster at the conference entitled ‘Does The Human Follicle Contain Receptors for Minoxidil?’ This summarised our research project in collaboration with Prof V Randall and her team at University of Bradford. It basically shows a previously unknown mechanism of action of Minoxidil that may open the door for new future treatments for hair loss.

Drs Farjo also were one of seven doctors who participated in the live patient viewing event at the conference. They brought with them from the UK two of their patients, Mark Black and Adrian Hawkins. The delegates examined first hand the hair transplant results of Drs Farjo and showed great appreciation of the quality of the work. This was the 1st time UK doctors showcased their hair patients at a medical conference.

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