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FUE Hair Transplant Workshop at Farjo

FUE Hair Transplant Workshop at Farjo


Doctors and their technicians: Join us in June 2016 for a unique and fantastic educational opportunity

Learn how to introduce FUE and FUT into your Practice

Optimize efficiency in FUE: Graft survival, donor selection, motorized vs manual, sharp vs blunt, latest robotic advances

Assess and compare FUE vs FUT: Indications, Complications, Pros & Cons

Understand the role of concomitant medical therapies

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover Manchester, one of England’s coolest cities!

BOOK NOW FOR THIS UNIQUE ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) SPONSORED WORKSHOP. JUNE 10-12 2016

The beginners program is also available on June 9 2016. See all details by clicking on the icon below

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