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Holding back the years, a lifestyle programme on the BBC featured Farjo hair institute

Holding Back the Years: Farjo features on BBC

Farjo Hair Institute Features on Holding Back the Years!

We were thrilled to be featured on BBC’s ‘Holding Back the Years’, a lifestyle programme that offers advice on staying well and living longer. On Tuesday’s episode, presenter Bill Turnbull caught up with Herald and Times journalist Brian Beacom, who elected to have a full hair transplant at our clinic. 

After years of feeling unhappy with his thinning hair, Brian decided to take action and book in for a Strip FUT transplant, where root hairs from a ‘donor’ area of the head are relocated to the thinning areas on the top of the head. Brian admits that the impact of the surgery on his self-confidence has been immeasurable and he even wrote a book detailing his procedure!

The show also featured an interview with Dr. Bessam Farjo to discuss the realities of receiving a hair transplant – it isn’t a miracle cure for everyone, but the right candidate with realistic expectations can reap the rewards of their new-found self-esteem.

You can watch the episode on BBC I-Player now – we’re featured from 23:00 onwards.

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