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Pat Hennessey visits Farjo at Manchester

He had been trying to arrange to come over to visit us for several months, but finally in the 2nd week of June 2007 we were delighted to welcome Pat Hennessey when he visited our clinic in Manchester. Pat as many of you know is the owner and publisher of the ‘Hair Transplant Network’ American website. This website has vast amounts of information for the consumer and for a long time we have been the only doctors recommended on this site for the UK.

Pat spent 2 days with us and was able to observe surgery, sit in on consultations and chat to post operative patients. He left us very excited about the Ultra-Refined Follicular Unit Grafting and advanced standards he saw.

You can view our full profile, and what Pat had to say about us, on his website: Farjo Hair Institute: Hair Transplant Network

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