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BLOG: Unpicking the truth around hair loss myths

For centuries, male pattern hair loss has consumed the minds of many men; from Ancient Rome’s Julius Caesar, with his iconic wreath to cover his balding head, to the elaborately white powdered wigs that were popular with bald English and French nobles in the 17th century.

Along with these age-old cover-ups to hide baldness, a list of hair loss ‘treatments’ as long as my arm have surfaced along the way – everything from the topical use of cow manure as a preventative measure to only taking cold showers to stop hair loss in its tracks.

I’m often told about ‘at home’ remedies my patients have tried – so, with this in mind, here’s a list of today’s modern-day and most popular myths – and my thoughts on them. I’ll leave the cow manure out, as I’m sure you can guess how successful this was!

Hair loss is always inherited

It’s true that a lot of hair loss is genetic – around 90% actually. Unfortunately, however, that means that one in every ten cases of hair loss has precisely nothing to do with genes, so even if every man in your family has a full head of hair, you might still find yourself experiencing male pattern hair loss.

All hair loss wonder drugs and pills are a money making scam

Not true! However, there are many (and I’ll repeat, many) marketed solutions that are complete scams which are not backed up with scientific research and testing.

If you are considering taking medication to slow your hair loss, see a specialist first who can advise on what’s appropriate for you and prescribe the right dosage.

Wearing a hats can make you go bald

Far from the truth. A hat would have to be so tight on your scalp, so much so that you couldn’t wear it, for it to have any damaging effects. Your hair follicles don’t need to breathe as they get oxygen from your blood.

Washing hair in cold water will prevent hair loss

False. Washing your hair with cold water may increase blood circulation to the scalp. However, there’s no research that alludes to the fact that this will prevent hair loss, so you can stick to your hot showers without worry.

Hair transplants are only for the rich and famous

Completely untrue. We do have celebrity clientele at Farjo and we’ve treated many actors, footballers and people in the public eye over the years. However, the majority of our patients are everyday people who want to take control of their hair loss.

It’s easy to spot someone that’s had a hair transplant

We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our patients tell us that the results from their treatments look so natural that no one even questions their hair. This is a skill that is learned with years of practice; it pays to consider the prestige and experience of your surgeon if you want a natural looking result.

Lost hair can grow back

False. Unfortunately, once the hair follicle is dead, it’s dead. Despite some practitioners offering special medications and treatments, the only option for regrowth in a previously bald area is a hair transplant.

Too much exposure to the sun can make you go bald

In simple terms, no. However, it’s always a good idea to protect your hair and scalp against the sun’s harmful UV rays with a hat, or use UV hair protecting products, such as a liquid sunblock.

Get some advice from our experts today.

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