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Watch our Dr Williams on BodyShockers With a Case of Traction Alopcia

This episode was aired on February 20 on Channel 4 and features a hair transplant by Dr Greg Williams for a case of hair damage after years of tight braiding (traction alopecia)

Antoinette, 27, suffered from hair loss to the sides of her scalp as a result of trauma due to many years of tight braiding her hair. Watch our Dr Williams giving advice to Antoinette and perform a hair transplant procedure to restore hair to the affected areas. Click below to the recording of the show. Our part starts at about 15 mins in.



Antoinette, before, and immediately after hair transplant surgery


One of ous most popular YouTube videos features a Dr Farjo interview on channel 5 on the same subject but concerning the Supermodel Naomi Campbell. See below


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