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Would You Let Your Man Have A Hair Transplant?

On the whole it was a good account of how men feel about their hair loss and interestingly how their partners react to it. The newspaper originally contacted us with the idea and asked to talk to a suitable case study. Clayton Blackmore (former Manchester United and Wales footballer) and his wife Tracey were kind enough to agree to talk to the Daily Mail on the subject and Clayton’s hair restoration at Farjo.

The article also mentioned other celebrities who had work with us such as Duncan Bannatyne OBE, Shaun Williamson and Kyran Bracken. The actor James Nesbitt was featured as well but the journalist mistakenly accredited his hair transplant to Dr Farjo.

There were other inaccuracies in the article, such as it took only 2 hours for Clayton Blackmore’s transplant! and that Mr Philip Kingsley is the Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists (He was, nearly 25 years ago).

To read the online version of the article click here, Daily Mail Dec 6th 2010. Otherwise click on the photo below for the paper version.

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