Dr Sara Wasserbauer Talks HairClone Hair Follicle Banking

In this video, Dr Sara Wasserbauer from the San Francisco Bay Area, talks about the value of banking hair follicles with HairClone. Dr Wasserbauer is an international Hair Banking Associate at HairClone where Drs Farjo are co-founders and medical directors. Dr Wasserbauer is also Past President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, and […]

Scott Sadowski Hair Transplant at Farjo

Scott was typically self-conscious and anxious about his hair loss affecting all aspects of his life. He was very realistic about his goals with his hair and had about 3400 grafts in 2 FUE hair transplant surgery procedures at Farjo Hair Institute. He also agreed to be the featured patient on Channel 4’s Never Seen […]

Shane Jessop FUE Hair Transplant at Farjo

Shane had his FUE hair transplant surgery several years ago gaining 1366 grafts or approximately 3000 hair follicles. Although his hair loss was fairly mild, it certainly affected his confidence and made him self-conscious of his receding hairline. At the time he was 38 years old, a successful businessman and a fitness instructor to boot. […]

Timothy Ward Hair Transplant at Farjo

Timothy Ward was 41 when he first consulted us about a hair transplant back in 2010. Timothy was worrying about his significantly receded hairline and thinning of his frontal forelock. The issue was obviously affecting his confidence and making him very self-conscious. This was especially considering he was in showbusiness making it even more relevant […]

Tom Bristow’s Hair Transplant Result

Here we chat with Tom Bristow, Daily Mirror Deputy Sports Editor, in a follow-up video to his initial hair transplant. Rather than his usual sports reporting, here we see Tom reporting on his procedure experience, recovery and successful result at Farjo Hair Institute. Tom tells us how he booked his hair transplant to improve his […]

Chris Bisson, Actor, FUE Hair Transplant at Farjo

Chris Bisson is one of the most well-known faces in British acting. He is popular for major stints on TV shows Children’s Ward, Coronation Street, Shameless and currently, Emmerdale. He is also very fondly remembered for playing ‘Saleem Khan’ on the hit comedy film, East Is East. Chris first approached us in 2016, on the […]

Chris Bisson discusses his hair transplant experience

Film & TV actor Chris Bisson gives his honest views about his own hair transplant experience – including showing his own before and after footage. Chris underwent a FUE hair tranplant. Chris talks about how you don’t necessarily notice hair loss day to day. For him, it was having a look over family holiday photos […]