FAQ: What is PRP Therapy?

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Cast your memory back to 2013 and you might remember the photos splashed across the tabloids of Kim Kardashian indulging in a ‘vampire’ facial using her own re-injected blood. An 800 per cent increase in demand for the treatment ensued and, five years later, PRP therapy is no longer a celebrity fad but an effective […]

PRESS: Time for a side of hair growth with your fries?!

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Time and time again, we’re asked by patients if we can ‘cure’ their baldness. The simple answer is, of course, no. While we can advise on treatments to encourage hair regrowth, slow down the hair loss process and perform hair transplant surgery, scientists are yet to find a definitive solution to make baldness a thing […]

BLOG: Unpicking the truth around hair loss myths

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For centuries, male pattern hair loss has consumed the minds of many men; from Ancient Rome’s Julius Caesar, with his iconic wreath to cover his balding head, to the elaborately white powdered wigs that were popular with bald English and French nobles in the 17th century. Along with these age-old cover-ups to hide baldness, a […]

BLOG: FUT OR FUE – Which one is best for me?

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So, you know you want to have a hair transplant – but have you decided what kind of transplant you want to pursue? There are two types of surgery: strip FUT and FUE. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, so how do you choose? FUE Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, has become popular because it […]

BLOG: A change in season for hair loss

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With the temperature dropping, it’s interesting to look at how our environment affects us physically. And, research from across the pond has revealed some rather intriguing findings when it comes to the four seasons and hair loss. The Department of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore has suggested that its patients often […]

farjo at Kyoto hair research agm

NEWS: Big In Japan | Hair Research Congress

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        The 10th World Congress for Hair Research was held in Kyoto, Japan, Oct 31, Nov 2, 2017.   This is an occasional event gathering together all the national and regional hair research societies for one global congress. Both Drs Farjo were invited faculty speakers, whilst Dr Nilofer Farjo was on the […]

Farjo team ISHR

NEWS: 10-Strong Farjo Team Contributes at Annual Hair Transplant World Congress

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Drs Farjo took part in the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) FUE Immersion World Live Surgery Workshop held in Polanica, Poland October 1-2, 2017 It was a 2 day event comprising of morning lectures followed by live hair transplant surgery demonstrations in the afternoons. A Beginners course preceded the main event. Dr Bessam Farjo […]

Ashley Barnes

PRESS: Premiership Footballer Ashley Barnes is on Top of the World After Summer Hair Transplant

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NEW SEASON, NEW START for Ashley Barnes! It is officially football season & all eyes are on the players to deliver results & score goal after goal. Signing in 2014 to Burnley FC; Ashley Barnes has always been in the spotlight for his footballing skills scoring the killer goal that took the team from League […]