The doctors at Farjo Hair Institute are Clinical Partners and co-founders of HairClone, who are working on developing hair cell multiplication treatments for hair loss.

This is of interest because we have a limited supply of donor hair to utilise for hair transplants, and the more hair loss we go through, the less donor is available to compensate for it. The HairClone hair multiplication project aims to to use 100 of your own hair follicles to create tens of thousands of hair making cells in the lab that can be used for treatments for your own hair loss. The first step in this plan is hair follicle banking which has been available since the end of 2019.

The World’s 1st Hair Follicle Banking Service

  • Just like other cells in our body, hair-making cells deteriorate in quality with age.
  • Banking hair follicles now by cryopreservation “stops the clock” on cell aging which means you have the freshest, highest quality cells for any future treatments.
  • Suitable for men and women concerned about their hair loss
  • Although the banking itself is not a treatment for hair loss as such, it provides the raw material (hairs) for the treatment.

What’s Involved in Follicle Banking?

The Farjo Hair Institute is a UK HairClone procurement centre for hair follicle banking. Our surgeons will extract around a hundred hair follicles from the back of the patient’s head under local anaesthetic. These follicles could be taken as part of a hair transplant procedure or taken in a simple surgical procedure that will take less than an hour. In this latter case, everything can be well hidden, and patients should be able to continue with their normal activities immediately afterwards.

The follicles will be placed in a solution formulated to keep cells alive, and then transported in a specially designed refrigerated box to the HairClone laboratory. Here the follicles will be cryopreserved using a state-of-the-art controlled-rate tissue freezer and then stored at -180C in a licensed UK cell bank. At these temperatures it has been shown cells can be kept for many years.


Why Bank My Hair Follicles Now?

  • Just like other cells in our body, hair-making cells deteriorate in quality with age.
  • Banking hair follicles now by cryopreservation “stops the clock” on their aging. This ensures when treatment becomes available, you have the freshest, highest quality cells
  • Patients who bank their follicles will be undergoing the first stage of the HairClone process, and will be the first patients in the queue who will be offered the option of cell treatment when available
  • Funding generated from banking will accelerate HairClone’s development of treatments to rejuvenate and thicken up miniaturising hairs and eventually generate new hairs
  • The banked follicles remain the property of you the patient. If you feel there is a more suitable therapy at any time, your cryopreserved follicles would be made available for use.

What would happen next?

When the hair loss treatment becomes available, and the patient requests it via a HairClone Clinical Partner, a small number of the banked follicles will be carefully thawed, and the relevant cells will be separated and then multiplied (cloned) and transported back to the clinician for implantation by injection.

Rejuvenation Treatment

HairClone is initially working on developing this hair loss treatment, which will be for patients noticing their hairs have thinned (miniaturised) rather than clear baldness.  The aim is to rebuild and rejuvenate newly miniaturised hair follicles and re-creating thicker hair shafts. This treatment can be repeated as necessary to rejuvenate additional miniaturising hairs over time. The intended aim is that this results in a consistent appearance with a balanced head of hair, so hair loss is never noticeable. Currently, hair loss sufferers need to use regular medications, laser therapy or PRP in the hope of achieving the same.

Regeneration Treatment

This treatment is a little bit more into the future, and will be for patients with extensive hair loss where the hair follicles have miniaturised too much to be rejuvenated. The aim here is to generate brand new hairs. This treatment will take considerably longer to develop than the rejuvenation treatment.

Please ask our experts at Farjo Hair Institute for more information

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