Thinning or lack of hair on the side of the face, in front of the ear, can be an issue for both men and women. The Farjo Hair Institute uses tried and tested microsurgery techniques to re-introduce healthy hair into this area and produce a natural-looking hairline.

The Problem

Some men have never had strong hair growth around their sideburns which can be increasingly apparent with today’s fashion for trimmed facial hair or stubble. Women often need this treatment after facial cosmetic surgery where the skin is drawn tighter across the face. This can leave the temples without a hairline, discouraging women to put their hair up to show their new appearance.

The Solution

Hair is taken from the scalp and carefully inserted, one follicle graft at a time, into the area in front of the ears. At Farjo, we take great care to ensure the number, angles and direction of hairs used in men and women is appropriate. Our female patients usually need just enough to re-instate the hairline around the temples but men may require more to give them strong sideburn growth for the first time.

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