Thinning eyebrows and eyelashes are not uncommon but can make people feel their appearance has changed significantly. Thankfully, hair transplanted from the scalp can be used for regeneration in these areas. The technique requires a high level of precision but can often be completed in a single session.


The Problem

Apart from medical conditions, a major cause of thinning eyebrows is over-plucking. Fashion dictated for many years that slim eyebrows were attractive and many have plucked out so many hairs for so long that there are no longer enough to provide the fuller growth that is now more popular.

Eyebrow repair through microsurgery can often be completed in one session but making the result look natural requires a great deal of care. This is because eyebrow hairs do not all sit in the same direction. Some face slightly upwards, some down, with all combining into a herringbone pattern.

The Solution

At Farjo we transplant individual hairs taken from the scalp into the eyebrow line. However, we insert hair follicles at specific angles to ensure that, overall, the natural herringbone pattern is preserved. We take into account both the direction of hair growth (towards or away from the eye) and the angle of lift of the hair as it grows away from the skin. Such precision is needed to ensure a natural finish that will not be noticed and will enhance the face.

We always inform patients before the procedure that hair from the scalp grows more quickly than the eyebrow, so they will have to trim their eyebrows lightly each week or two.


The Problem

If you lose your eyelashes through injury or a medical condition it can change the way you look but also leave your eyes less protected from dirt and dust. Eyelash implants can be sourced from scalp hair but it is a very precise procedure.

The Solution

Again, great care must be taken to ensure the top lashes point up and the lower lashes grow down. In particular, it is essential that no lashes, once inserted, grow inwards, as they could scratch the eye.

At Farjo, we will perform eyelash implants in the right circumstances to treat eyelash loss for medical reasons. However, we do not provide this treatment for patients who simply want longer or thicker eyelashes as the potential complications could outweigh the benefits. In these cases, there are alternative, non-surgical approaches that we will discuss.

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