Finasteride (Propecia® and other brands) in tablet form is one of the most effective medicines for strengthening hair and arresting further loss. It works by lowering the amount of the DHT hormone to which hair follicles are exposed.

Dutasteride (Avodart and other brands) in tablet form on an off-label prescription works via a similar mechanism to finasteride but should be even more effective.

Another popular treatment is Minoxidil, widely known as Regaine which is applied topically as a foam or lotion. There is also a very popular tablet version of Minoxidil taken by mouth, which can be discussed further with you at consultation.

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Nutritional Supplements

This is an area of the market where unfortunately you might see a lot of over-promising and perhaps mis-selling. There is a definite place for these non-prescription products as part of your hair loss treatment regimen but in more of a support role. They are also a very good option if the hair loss is at a very early stage, or the objective is to improve the quality of the existing hair. Most of them are suitable for both men and women.

At the Farjo Hair Institute, we are constantly looking at credible products and have made available to you a list of products that we feel comfortable with particularly the following:

Viviscal Pro Tablets

Florisene tablets, for iron-deficient women

Lamberts range of vitamins and supplements

Do you require a prescription for certain medicines?

Yes, Finasteride (Propecia) is prescription only, but on the online pharmacy it’s all done behind the scenes. Also any unlicensed version of Minoxidil for eg Oral tablets will be on prescription

What are the main differences between taking oral medication and a foam/cream?

Finasteride and Minoxidil are totally different drugs, but in theory when you take a tablet the drug gets into the whole body, whereas with topical the idea is that it acts in the local tissue, and theoretically fewer side effects.

How long would I need to be taking medicine for before I see any results?

Generally, you can expect to be on medication for up to 3 months before seeing any results.

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