Minoxidil helps prevent hair thinning and stimulates the regrowth of dormant hair follicles. It is licensed for male and female pattern hair loss in its topical form, although it may also be used in other types of hair loss.

Minoxidil is the actual generic name for the medication, whilst Regaine® is a well-known brand of minoxidil available over the counter in many pharmacies and supermarkets. As long as the dose is the same then there should be no difference between brands in terms of effectiveness.

Regaine comes in liquid and foam formulations and they should work equivalently. Many patients prefer the foam due to ease of application and less incidence of skin irritation.

For men, the recommended dose is 5% twice daily, whilst for women, the recommendation is 2% liquid twice daily. Studies show that in women, minoxidil foam 5% used once daily is as effective as minoxidil liquid 2% used twice daily.



Approximately 30% of users significantly benefit from Minoxidil, with 80% reporting at least stabilisation of their hair loss.


Stopping Minoxidil:

If benefits are achieved and minoxidil is discontinued, new hair growth will be lost within 9 months, and hair will return to its pre-minoxidil state.


Side Effects:

Common side effects include hair shedding in the first 2 months, headaches, dizziness, and heart palpitations.

Swelling of hands and feet is rare.

For women, facial hair growth occurs in 5% of users.


Use During Pregnancy:

Women must not Minoxidil during pregnancy.

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