Is hair loss really more common in summer?

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It’s officially summer time, even if the British weather isn’t reflecting that! With the longer, warmer days comes an unusual side effect for some people – increased hair loss. So, if you have been noticing more hair stuck to your brush over the past few weeks, don’t panic! It is actually normal. A study conducted […]

hair remedies

Do alternative remedies cure baldness?

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We all love a quick fix, but when it comes to reversing hair loss, a US study has revealed that alternative therapies won’t do much to help your hair grow – or, in most cases, do anything at all. Scientists from the University of California, Irvine, looked into past research on more than 20 popular […]

post-natal hair

Dealing with post-natal hair loss

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Everyone knows the body undergoes a host of changes during pregnancy, but many women are surprised by the impact that it has on their hair. Known as telogen effluvium, post-natal hair loss is very common in the first six months after giving birth, but it can be distressing for new mothers to go through. On […]

bad hair transplant

Can a bad hair transplant be fixed?

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These days, newer hair transplant techniques such as FUE and Strip FUT are used by the majority of surgeons, but older techniques such as scalp reduction and hair plugs have left their mark on many patients – literally. Hair plugs were widely used until they were replaced by newer transplant techniques in the 1990s. The […]