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bad hair habits

Bad hair habits: What to avoid to get healthy hair

You may know that there are some things that are indisputably bad for our hair, such as bleaching, but many people have picked up bad hair habits without even realising the damage that they are causing. So, how many of these hair sins are you guilty of?

You’re not washing your hair properly

It’s all too easy to get into a bad routine when you’re washing your hair – after all, it’s something you do on a very regular basis – but you could be damaging your hair. You may enjoy a scalding hot shower, but your hair certainly doesn’t, as it strips your hair of essential oils, drying it out. Rinsing your hair in lukewarm water is a far kinder option. Skipping conditioner also contributes to brittle hair, so apply it to the mid-lengths and ends every time that you wash it.

You’re treating your wet hair too harshly

Many people automatically reach for a towel to scrub their hair with when they step out of the shower, but this actually causes breakage. Gently pat or squeeze your hair dry instead, or even better, use a microfibre towel or even a t-shirt to absorb excess water without the damage. Brushing wet hair is also a sure-fire way to damage your hair, as it’s at its most fragile when wet, so if you absolutely need to get rid of tangles, use a wide-toothed comb.

You’re tying your hair too tightly

A tight ponytail may look chic, but wear a tightly-pulled hairstyle every day and you’re putting yourself at risk of traction alopecia. It’s caused by the hair being repeatedly pulled in the same spot, causing hair loss. In the early stages, you may notice small bumps on the scalp, along with redness and soreness, but can be reversed by wearing looser hairstyles, or by taking a break from hair extensions if you wear them regularly.

You’re overdoing the styling tools

Step away from the straighteners! We all know that hot tools cause damage, but how many of us choose to ignore that anyway? You don’t have to give them up altogether, but having a break a few times a week will do your hair some good – just let your hair air dry when possible. If you absolutely must reach for the styling tools, make sure to use a good heat protecting spray.

You’re not protecting it from the elements

We slather on sun cream in summer and moisturiser in winter, but many people forget that their hair needs looking after, too. When the sun is shining, protect your scalp with a hat and use sun protection formulated for hair, which can stop it going dry and brittle. As the weather gets colder, deep conditioning your hair will help to heal it from the winter winds.

It’s often cited that it takes 21 days to break a habit, so why not try to overhaul your haircare?

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