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Is Scrubbing Your Scalp The Key To A Full Head Of Hair?

The key to healthier hair is exfoliation. Well, according to some big name brands, that is.

Exfoliating shampoos are the latest beauty craze to hit the shelves, with claims that regular exfoliation of the scalp could help reduce the number of hairs shed.

In the same way as skin benefits from regular exfoliation, the scalp needs to be revived from time to time. The natural oils (sebum) in hair, together with a build up of product and dead skin cells can lead to scalp and hair health problems, ranging from dandruff to greasy hair.

As such, it does make sense to exfoliate the scalp at regular intervals.  However, the key is not to over-do it. Scrubbing at your head will irritate the skin and could remove too much of the natural oil in the hair shaft, so it’s best to exercise some caution.

I’d recommend gently rubbing the scalp about once a week with a fine exfoliator. Massaging the scalp will boost blood flow and help remove any dead skin cells or product build up – in turn, making hair look bouncier and more voluminous.

Beware any products that require you to give your head a really good scrub, or need extensive washing out. They are probably going to be too heavy for your hair and could cause it damage in the long run.

Regardless of any new fashions or fads, the best way to keep your hair healthy is to treat it well. Daily Shampoo and conditioner is okay, but take care to ensure that all residue is rinsed out. Dry it carefully and beware excessive heat from dryers or styling tools.

Finally, a good diet with plenty of natural fish and nut oils will help keep your hair looking its best.

So, while I don’t believe these products will stop you hairs shedding completely (and they certainly won’t put a halt to hair loss) used appropriately, they could help keep your scalp – and hair – healthy.

So go on, you’re worth it! (Sorry – couldn’t resist!)

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