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Do We Really Lose More Hair When It’s Cold?

We know it’s a little worrying to see hair strands clogging up your hairbrush, but shedding hair is normal — in fact, we all lose around 100 hairs every day.

Shedding happens as part of the normal growth cycle of our hair, which is a process with distinct phases (anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen) where the hair grows, transitions and rests — then is shed from the scalp in the final phase.

However, during certain times of the year, you might notice an increased amount of hair falling out, which is known as seasonal shedding.  Further studies are needed to understand the exact reasons behind this, but some research has shown that hair rests in the telogen phase over the summer and then moves into the shedding — or exogen — phase in October/November time, which can then continue into winter.

Primitive explanations behind this type of hair loss are linked to our bodies needing more hair in summer to protect our scalps from the sun and UV radiation. However, hair loss is rarely down to one single factor and it could be linked to a variety of things that come about in the colder months, such as stress, fatigue or a change in diet.

Aside from this, our environment can impact the condition of our hair, so when the cold months hit, it does make a difference. Harsh winter weather can cause scalp dryness and irritation which can cause hair follicles to become inflamed and hair to become dry, leaving it prone to breakage and falling out.

To minimise seasonal hair loss, it’s important to keep your scalp and hair healthy. Using a weekly conditioning treatment will help to keep your scalp and hair moisturised and in top condition. Plus, try to minimise heated styling tools that may dry out your hair, leading to damage and further loss. Maintaining a nutritious, well-balanced diet will also help in supporting healthy hair growth. You could also consider wearing a hat which will add some protection against the elements.

Our team are always on hand to speak to you about any hair loss concerns you might have. Please book a consultation and we’ll be happy to help.



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