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Steve Kay talks about his role at the Farjo Hair Institute


Our patient liaison manager, Steve Kay, tells us a bit more about his role at Farjo

What’s your background and how did you come to work at the Farjo Hair Institute?

I worked in the cosmetic surgery industry for 15 years as patient liaison manager, advising on the spectrum of surgery procedures, and we used to send all our hair transplant patients to Dr Farjo as we knew he was a trusted, reliable expert in the field.

When my former boss retired, I jumped at the opportunity to work at the Farjo Hair Institute, as its professionalism and commitment to ethical procedures is second to none.

What makes you passionate about hair restoration surgery?

I love helping to give people hope when they feel low in self-esteem and confidence – it’s fascinating meeting patients and hearing their stories about why they’ve chosen to consider hair restoration surgery.

What do you find most satisfying about your job?

Meeting a patient after they’ve had surgery and started to see results is most definitely the best part of my job – the changes aren’t just physical as they’re so much more confident and happier within themselves.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

It sounds counter-productive from a business perspective but I recently had a prospective patient who was adamant he needed surgery to feel better about himself and his appearance. It turned out that a hair transplant wasn’t right for him but, after several meetings and informal chats, his negative self-image turned around and he looked at himself in a whole new light.

I later received a letter from his wife to thank me and she told me how both their lives had changed for the better.

How do you predict hair restoration will change over the next decade?

Who really knows at this point? Potentially a medication to reactivate the dormant hair cells, triggering full hair regrowth.

If you weren’t in the hair restoration industry, what would you be doing?

That’s a difficult one – I’d love to be a pro golfer, but I’d probably be a dog groomer!

Who would your dream patient be?

Prince William – think we could give him a nice head of hair again!

What’s your claim to fame?

I played in the Southport football team with John Bishop and we used take each other to training. I was also in the finals of the British Amateur pool championships in 1980.


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