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Criteria For Top Quality Hair Transplant Surgery Lecture

Dr Bessam Farjo returned yesterday from Paris, France, after giving a lecture entitled ‘Criteria For Top Quality Hair Transplant Surgery’. The event was the 12th Annual Congress of IMCAS (International Master Course on Ageing Skin). The venue was the Palais Des Congres in Pariscity centre and the event boasted 3200 registered delagates from all over the world. Dr Farjo’s lecture discussed the intricacies of all the steps in hair transplantation and the differences between top quality, average and not so good results.

Dr Farjo had originally been contacted a couple of months ago and invited by the session chairman and Paris dermatologist, Dr Jack Smadja, to  go and give the talk. Dr Smadja himself lectured on hair miniaturisation and methods of its meaurement. Other speakers included Dr Gholamali Abassi from Iran (eyelash transplantation) and Dr Garnier from France (hair loss in women).

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