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Drs Farjo and Staff Perform Hair Transplant at Orlando Workshop

​Drs Bessam & Nilofer Farjo were invited faculty at the 14thAnnual Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando, Florida in April, 2008. The workshop lectures and ceremonies took place at the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios.

Dr Nilofer addressed the delegates on the subject of infection control in the surgery environment.

Dr Bessam gave two presentations, one updated the delegates on the latest progress with the cell therapy (cloning) clinical trials, and the other was the result of the research Drs Farjo conducted with other colleagues on the subject of which trichophytic closure method produced the best cosmetic scar. He also chaired a special debate session on how to ensure the best donor scar possible from a cosmetic point of view.


Both doctors along with 3 staff members who travelled with them from the UK performed surgery (ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation) live in front of the workshop delegates on the final day.


Dr Bessam Farjo was also there in his capacity as President of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) who co-sponsored the event. This meant his involvement in various ceremonies during the meeting. See below Dr Farjo’s conference opening address in Orlando.

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