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European Science Meeting Features Farjo Hair Research Collaboration

Early in July this year, both Drs Farjo attended the 14th Annual Congress of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS). This took place in Graz, Austria’s second city. The meeting covered an extensive range of topics from specialized hair research, hair cosmetics to clinical applications.

There were 3 presentations about research involving the Farjo Hair Institute. Professor Valarie Randall of University of Bradford unveiled the latest data from our studies showing that Minoxidil exerts its action on hair via potassium channels. The next step is investigating other drugs that act on these channels and study their effect on hair.

Karzan Khidhir working under Prof Randall, presented the initial findings of our study into the action of Prostaglandin F2α on scalp hair. This is the drug behind the compound made famous for prolonging eyelashes (Latisse). The initial data shows a definite effect on scalp hair and that the scalp has receptors for it.

Adiam Bahta working with Professor Mike Philpott of University of London, presented the latest in our joint effort in creating an immortal line of hair cells. The significance of this is longer term utilisation of human tissue for research rather than being hampered by continuing need for new volunteers.

The other main interesting presentation was by Felix Brockschmidt from Germany. He talked about their recent discovery of new genes involved in baldness on chromosomes 20 and 21. This will hopefully make an impact in the future in better genetic testing for baldness. Whether any therapeutic implications will come to light remains to be seen.

Institute of Trichologists (IoT) Group atthe Congress
(L to R) Christine Jones MIT, Keith Hobbs MIT, Marilyn Sherlock MIT (IoT Chairman), Dr Daisy Kopera (Congress Chairman), Susan Devonish-Mutton MIT, Dr Andrew Messenger (IoT President), Dr Nilofer Farjo, Dr Bessam Farjo (IoT Medical Director), Barbara Kemp MIT

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