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Radio 4 Case Notes Show Covers Hair Loss And Hair Colour

BBC Radio 4’s Case Notes interviews Farjo research associate Prof V Randall and discusses hair loss and treatments.

Farjo research associate and colleague, Prof Valarie Randall, of University of Bradford, was the main guest of Dr Mark Potter on the Case Notes program on BBC Radio 4. Prof Randall and her team have been collaborating on research with Drs Farjo for many years and you can read more about this under our R&D section.

Another guest of the show was world-renowned dermatologist and hair researcher, Dr Andrew Messenger, from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. Dr Messenger has been of great help to us over the years when needed with his advice and expert opinion. Both colleagues explained to listeners the causes of hair loss and the available treatments as well as the science behind them.​

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