How to deal with female hair loss

How to deal with female hair loss

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How to deal with female hair loss

Hair transplants are no longer just for men. According to Dr Bessam Farjo. lead hair restoration surgeon and founding director of the Farjo Hair Institute in Manchester and London, more women are getting proactive about hair loss and even considering surgery.

“We ‘re getting more inquiries from women – roughly an increase of 30 per cent year on year,” he says.

Farjo Says another treatment, scalp micropigmentation, is one of the fastest growing in popularity: “Using a device similar to a tattoo needle, we create mini dots on the scalp’s surface to mimic shaved hair. A lot of women choose to use this as an adjunct to, or in place of, a hair transplant. It’s great for those who want to improvr the look of density in certain areas, or who favour a crew cut.”

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