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a cure for baldness

Could This ‘Bee’ A Cure For Baldness?

When it comes to bees, like me, your first reaction is probably to run away from the pesky so and sos, or even swat them until they drop. But, this might make you think twice about reaching for the insect swatter. As well as producing honey and helping pollination, bees are now buzzing to the rescue of baldness.

During a recent study on mice, scientists found that a natural sealent produced by bees to fill small gaps in their hives helped to increase the re-growth of the animals’ fur.

The sealant – called propolis – was tested on animals whose hair had been shaved or waxed off. Following a topical application of propolis, scientists – from the University of Japan – found that the number of special cells involved in growing hair increased.

The scientists’ reasoning behind this amplified growth centres around the idea that hair loss often results from inflammation of the root, and propolis contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Made primarily from tree sap, propolis contains biologically active compounds called flavoroids. It has been used as a treatment for over 2,300 years, primarily to fight infections in wounds, and is already widely available at pharmacies and health care shops across the county.

Although it’s great to see professionals putting resources towards new research projects, I do have my reservations. Most significantly, this study was carried out on animals who’d had their hair removed, not lost it. But, with the scientists claiming that the number of hair cells involved in hair growth increased after propolis had been applied, there might be some mileage in this treatment yet – it’ll ‘bee’ interesting to find out!

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