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stress makes you go bald

Stress Makes You Go Bald… And Other Myths

There are too many urban legends and myths to count when it comes to hair loss causes and remedies. Depending on what you read, hair loss can be caused by anything from too much (or indeed, too little) testosterone to a bad quality hairbrush, and many things besides.

Here are some of the most frequently quoted myths that I encounter on an almost daily basis.

  • It’s my dad’s fault I’m bald

While there’s no denying that a family history has a part to play in the onset and pattern of hair loss, it’s a combination of both your parents and all your grandparents’ genes that makes you who you are. You need to consider a wider family tree than just your dad before you start pointing the finger.

  • Stress makes you go grey as well as bald

Stressful episodes can have an impact on hair growth, as stress disrupts the shedding cycle – so a few months after the stress has subsided, you might find you shed more hair than usual. It doesn’t, however, cause you to go grey or cause permanent hair loss.

  • Over-shampooing makes you lose your hair

It’s often said that hair shouldn’t be washed too often. But, on the contrary, if you’re concerned about your hair health then you should be sure to wash and condition is regularly. Just be careful not to be too rough with the hair, as that can cause breakages. Use a gentle massaging technique instead.

  • Colouring the hair makes it fall out

You do need to be careful when colouring hair, as over-exposure to dyes and chemicals can make it weaker. However, if you treat it well and make sure it is well conditioned, colouring shouldn’t have an adverse effect on the hair.

When it comes to separating fact from fiction, a little bit of common sense goes a long way. But, if you have concerns about hair loss, it might be worth making an appointment with your GP or a trichologist to chat through your options.



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