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‘Hats’ A Good Cure For Baldness!

The Daiy Mail recently reported on a space-aged helmet that can help to counteract baldness. The rather unusual looking contraption hovers over the crown of the head, held in place by a pair of rather retro headphones!

 The ‘hands-free hair rejuvenator’ works by firing low-level wavelengths from 21 tiny lasers at the hair follicles, which encourages growth and repair. The unusual design means that the press have reported on the technology as a bit of a novelty product, but trials have been carried out and, after two months of using the device twice a week over a two-month period, some users did report that their hair appeared thicker.

There’s another similar product that I’ve come in contact with myself. The Lasercap uses the same technology as the hair rejuvenator (although, it uses 224 lasers, so may arguably be more effective.) Perhaps its main selling point is the fact that it’s shaped like a swimming cap and easily fits under a baseball cap making it less inconspicuous than the rejuvenator, should patients be interested in benefitting from the treatment.

Of course, like every ‘miracle cure’, the Lasercap and the hair rejuvenator’s results must be taken with a pinch of salt. I can’t speak for the hair rejuvenator, but the Lasercap may yield similar results to Regaine and sometimes a bit better. Ideally they may be best used in combination.

As always, it’s simply a case of working out if the results will be worthwhile for a particular patient. The Lasercap probably works best as supplementary treatment alongside other preventative treatments such as Regaine and Propecia and in the safety and comfort of your own home.

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