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Making Hair Loss An Everyday Topic

In America, August is Hair Loss Awareness Month, which shines a spotlight on the prevalence of thinning hair amongst both men and women.

Hair loss can be extremely distressing. Women, in particular, can feel as though they are the only person affected by it.

My patients often tell me that their self-esteem took a nosedive when their hair started thinning, and a hair transplant is the only solution they can find to give their confidence a boost.

Awareness months like these do a wonderful job in bringing this common condition and its treatment options to the fore. With such a high proportion of the population likely to suffer from hair loss in their lifetime, it’s hard to believe that it’s still kept under wraps by so many – and that ‘baldie’ jokes and pranks still form a big part of many people’s sense of humour.

It’s time to talk about hair loss – and not just in America. This awareness month is great; it helps support the British week, run by the Institute of Trichologists, which takes place each February.

Anything that helps boost public understanding of hair loss is a hit in my books!

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