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take care not to burn your hair

Take Care, Don’t Burn Your Hair

Whether you require bi-monthly haircuts or use special products to protect your luscious locks, almost all females struggle with those dreaded split ends. So, what does it take to keep your hair intact?

Velaterapia – more commonly known as ‘candle-cutting’ – is a Brazilian technique that was established in the 1960s. The process involves gliding a lit candle along twisted sections of hair, which proclaims to burn off any stray ends and open follicles to retain moisture.

While this $200 craze is popular amongst celebrities, including Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Fialho, there’s almost no research to prove that it’s beneficial to the scalp or hair. The fad is not only a huge health and safety hazard, but can leave long-lasting damage to the condition and growth of your precious locks. What’s more, nobody wants to sit through three-hour sessions with the overpowering smell of burnt hair!

There is an alternative that is cheaper, easier and healthier – and may take you by surprise. Have you ever considered using everyday household and cooking products to keep your locks in good shape?

Honey is a natural humectant that adds extra minerals, softens the fibres and maintains moisture, leaving your hair with a gorgeous lustre after application. Simply mix one teaspoon of honey with shampoo and massage it into the ends. Let the honey work its magic for 20 minutes, and then wash and rinse as usual.

Another key ingredient is almond oil, which boasts high vitamin E content and acts as a deep-conditioning treatment to help to repair over-processed hair and split ends. Apply the oil to your hair and wrap in a bun, allowing it to set for two to four hours. Subsequently, you can follow your normal shampooing and conditioning routine, making sure that any excess oil is rinsed away.

So, there you have it, looking after your locks doesn’t require a huge budget or dangerous techniques that can ruin your hair in the long run. You might not believe it, but those items in your cupboard might just be the answer to your problems!

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