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time to call time on hair loss

Time To Call Time On Hair Loss?

Winter is most definitely here. The nights are dark, it’s getting colder and every time I walk past a shop window, I’m reminded that Christmas is just around the corner.

Before we know it’ll be 2016 and whether you’re dreading the year flying by so quickly, or already considering your new year’s resolutions, it’s more than likely that your body will factor somewhere on the list.

You could be hoping to lose a few pounds; perhaps you’ll have your mind fixed on quitting smoking, or it could be your hair that’s set for an overhaul come January.

Seeking advice about hair loss isn’t usually a decision that’s made overnight. It’s usually something that is considered for several months or even years.

As a surgeon, I always stress that the sooner a man or woman comes to see me regarding concerns over their hair, the better.

Finding the most suitable product to remedy an individual’s hair loss can be a trial and error process and there isn’t a quick fix. In their early days of hair loss, the majority of people start off with a more natural way of disguising baldness – whether that’s growing their hair, wearing a hat, or simply styling their hair in a different way.

However, this doesn’t always satisfy self-consciousness and it’s at this point that people tend to contact an expert. What usually surprises them during their first consultation is that the answer to thinning on top isn’t always a hair transplant.

Other options, such as medicines, laser treatments and camouflage products, should all be considered before surgery. If a hair transplant is required in order to gain the patient’s desired result, then there are factors to consider in this area too – such as whether FUE or strip FUT is right.

Taking the time to consider what’s best for each individual who enters our clinic is something that forms a key part of a consultation at the Farjo Hair Institute. We need to understand exactly the results a patient is hoping for and thoroughly consider all options before a decision is made on the best method to achieve the most natural-looking result.

If hair restoration treatment is something you’re considering for 2016, or even before, then a consultation should help answer your questions because, sadly, when it comes to losing your hair, time certainly isn’t a healer!

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