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Demand Still Growing Thanks To Celebrities’ Candour

Latest figures from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) show that, despite the global recession, the demand for procedures to correct hair loss has been
stronger than ever.

A survey of members of the ISHRS – one of the world’s leading medical authorities on hair loss and hair restoration – found between 2008 and 2010 the total market for hair restoration surgery worldwide increased by almost half.

The estimated number of surgical hair restoration procedures last year alone was 279,381, up 11 per cent from 2008’s figures. The question I get asked a lot is why has the demand for this surgery proved to be recession-proof? There are three reasons:

Firstly, the main one has always been that people with hair loss tell me it puts them at a disadvantage in their personal and professional lives and that the natural-looking, permanent results of hair restoration surgery makes them feel younger and more self-confident. Whatever the state of the economy, that’s always going to be true.

The second reason is that thanks to the openness of high-profile men who’ve had hair restoration surgery, such as Wayne Rooney and Duncan Bannatyne, the procedure is now more widely known and accepted in society. So more men are coming forward to have it without fear of being stigmatised.

Finally, while the majority of patients are still men, women are increasingly seeking help with hair loss — last year one in seven surgical hair restoration patients worldwide were

Just like their male counterparts, women want a permanent, natural-looking solution for hair loss that doesn’t need the daily maintenance of wigs, hair extensions and camouflage products.

What encourages me most about these latest figures is that more and more people are enjoying more fulfilled and happy lives thanks to this procedure.

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