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Eyebrow Raising Fashions Spark Demand For Transplants

I’ve  noticed a few articles in the press recently (admittedly, more focused on the female population) about the importance of eyebrows for framing the face.

Of course, having ‘perfect’ eyebrows – just like having a full head of hair –  is a cosmetic issue for many. Those who are a little follicularly challenged in the eyebrow department could combat this problem by simply pencilling new brows on. Alternatively, a transplant is a way to permanently restore eyebrows, and it’s certainly an excellent solution for those who naturally have very fair or sparse brows, or those who have over-plucked.

Many individuals don’t realise the permanent damage that over-plucking can do, and are consequently unable to re-grow their eyebrow hair.  We’ve seen a marked increase in the number of women coming forward and requesting eyebrow transplants in recent years, particularly when thicker, more defined brows have come back into fashion.

Eyebrow transplants are an intricate procedure, and really showcase just how far hair transplantation has developed. An eyebrow transplant uses the Follicular Unit Transplantation process, where we only target follicular units of 1-2 hairs each. This allows for very natural and feathery appearance that closely matches original eyebrow hairs. Hair direction and angles of growth are critically important in eyebrow hair transplant surgery much more than a standard transplant on the scalp. For this reason, it is very helpful to leave the harvested scalp hairs at least 1 cm long or more to better judge the direction and curl of the hairs when implanting them in the brows.

One can only wonder if the demand for eyebrow transplants will wane when the stylish are sporting thin brows once more. However, in the meantime, while bushy brows are best, the demand is sure to increase.

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