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Hair Transplants Are On Top!

A recent article to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Esquire magazine named the 20 men who’ll most shape and influence the next 20 years and, rather flatteringly, I made the shortlist!

It’s a huge honour to be placed alongside the likes of Prince Charles but the best part of it all, is that it really goes to show how the world has changed its view of hair loss and transplant surgery.

The stigma attached to hair loss is now a thing of the past – celebrities are now proudly admitting to hair transplant surgery and we’re seeing more and more enquiries at the Farjo Medical Centre as a result.

With the advances in hair research, the potential of cell therapy and other hair growth studies and trials, the future of hair transplant surgery is definitely an exciting one. It’s set to change dramatically over the next 20 years and I, for one, am really looking forward to playing a leading role!

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