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Is A Hair Transplant Right For You?

Just because you’re experiencing hair loss doesn’t mean you should immediately embark on hair transplant surgery.

Even those who have reasonable hair loss and are technically feasible to treat don’t always make for suitable patients. The psychological aspects of hair transplant surgery – and indeed hair loss itself – must always be considered.

I could list many factors as to what makes a suitable candidate but I’ll highlight just a few:

  • Sufficient donor hair of reasonable quality.
  • A good understanding of all the processes involved.
  • A mature attitude to present and future hair loss issues.
  • Reasonable expectations of what is achievable.
  • A healthy psychological profile, free from obsessive or body dysmorphic issues.

In certain cases, unsuitable patients may slip under the radar, which can be problematic for both them and the surgeon. I would advise any doctor or clinic to spend as much time as possible looking at who they treat before agreeing to carry out any surgical procedures – it’s not a process that should be rushed by either patient or surgeon.

Patients need to have frank, honest conversations with their surgeon so they have realistic expectations about their transplant and its results. It’s also the patient’s responsibility to consider all the facts, the procedure itself, and its outcome, so they can make a comprehensive decision about their surgery.

If all these points are addressed and adhered to, the long-term benefits will be greater for all.

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