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Luscious Locks? They’re More Than The Job’s Worth

Are luscious locks worth more than your job? I came across an article recently in The Sun, revealing that men would rather lose their jobs than their hair. The results came from a poll conducted by the Institute of Trichologists and claimed that Welshmen are the biggest worriers when it comes to hair loss.

There’s no doubt that, over the past few weeks, male grooming and hair loss have been hitting the headlines – now it seems that many more men are openly admitting how much their hair means to them.

At the Farjo Medical Centre, we often deal with patients who’ve lost a lot of confidence in their appearance as a result of hair loss, affecting not just their personal lives, but also their professional careers.

As medical director of the Institute of Trichologists the survey has proved a great way to raise awareness about just how important the issue of hair loss is. Men and women who are losing their hair face a daily struggle with their own self-esteem and it’s important for others to realise that.

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