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#Hairwego… Again!

Of late, all eyes have been on Wayne Rooney after he tweeted in June to confirm the rumours that he had had a hair transplant.

Since then, it’s been an endless procession of stories in the press; rumours about the price he paid, who did it and where, were all circulating for weeks after. What’s really positive about this is that Wayne chose to be so open about his surgery, letting everyone know
there’s no shame in losing your hair, or indeed, doing something about it.

Recently, a couple of stories in the press have speculated that Wayne had squandered his hard-earned cash on a hair transplant because the results are underwhelming. I think it’s irresponsible journalism when the facts are not being researched properly. Anyone who’d
looked into the matter would have found out that it takes at least six to eight months for the new hair to make any significant cosmetic difference to your appearance.

Sometimes, results may take longer to show when working with scars or filling in a previously transplanted area. Wayne’s hair will actually continue to mature for the 12 months following his surgery.

As happy as I am that hair transplant surgery stories are prominent within the press, journalists who provide this inaccurate information about the industry may be damaging to those who are contemplating surgery as well to the surgeons themselves. It may end up swaying their decisions as to whether or not they want to undergo the surgery in the first

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